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seville orange marmalade
with cardamom

Seville oranges + Sri Lankan cardamom combine to create an elegant and aromatic marmalade with julienned peel and only a touch of bitterness.

Seville oranges are perfect for marmalade with their flavorful, deep orange peel and juice that packs a pucker. Our marmalade is infused with slender threads of peel with almost no pith, giving it a rich citrus flavor but only a hint of bitterness. Our Seville oranges come from an organic farm near Orland run by a husband and wife team.

Our Fairtrade cardamom is from Sri Lanka and certified organic. We shell and grind it ourselves to capture the freshest cardamom flavor.

Ingredients: organic unrefined cane sugar, organic Seville oranges, organic cardamom


"My wife put me on jam moratorium but your jam (Cardamom Knows Zest) is worth getting in trouble for!"
–Tim K, Berkeley CA

“This tastes like marmalade!”
“It is marmalade…(?)”
“No like real marmalade!”
–Susie O, London, England

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