Rose To The Grindstone + Essex Comte


by rose owens

Cheese Department Head at Bi-Rite 18th

Comte French Alpine cheeses are particularly made to be savored, and Essex Comte is no exception. When paired with Rose To The Grindstone, one is transported to the springs of their childhood, falling in love, feeling the sun on their skin, being alive in the truest sense of the world. The Arctic Star nectarine is both sweet and savory, creating a vivacious and emotionally nurturing flavor that is given the softest floral kiss by the rose essence. This romantic and luscious combination is brought to a new plateau when eaten with Essex Comte. The savory broth, onion, and salt in the Comte tempers the sweetness of the jam and becomes instantly snackable. Pair this with a shortbread cookie, and you’ve got a tea party on your hands.