Midnight in Pearis + Cabot Clothbound


by rose owens

Cheese Department Head at Bi-Rite 18th

Many of us are fans of the romance of France; the idea of ascending the Eiffel Tower with your rambunctious amis, or relaxing by the Seine with the one you love, all thrilling and heart-swelling images. I am a particular fan of sitting under the Sacre Coeur, a picnic at your feet while you admire the expanse of the city. Creating a meal that that fills the heart and sates the appetite with warmth, you’d be hard pressed to find a better “pear”ing than cheddar and fruit. In particular, we find the Bosc pear a charming companion to the vanilla and nutmeg within the jam, and a delicious counterpart to the buttery, savory, and sharp flavors of the clothbound cheddar. Your eyes will be dazzled by the view before you, and your soul happy with good food and good companionship.