In the Limelight + Red Hawk


by jane lyon

Cheese Department Manager at Rockridge Market Hall

In the Limelight takes you back to simpler times – the first grade lunch table and that first bite of your PB&J specially made by Mom. This jam would make quite the stir at elementary lunch tables. At first bite you are greeted with farm fresh strawberries, which gives way to a delightful sweetness that is then brightened with the tang of key lime, making the perfect trifecta.

Cowgirl Creamery’s Red Hawk, a washed rind cow’s milk cheese makes the perfect mate for In the Limelight! Red Hawk is a dazzling little cheese with a supple buttery texture and perfectly delectable and funky flavor. The sweet strawberries love the funk in Red Hawk, and the limes help to cut through the fat and cream leading the eater to crave more. When eaten together this pairing is decadent, yet perfectly balanced. This would make for a satisfying dessert after a summer evening spent grilling.